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African Tax Outlook (ATO)
The AFRICAN TAX OUTLOOK flagship publication will provide valuable, practical and relevant descriptive and analytical work on tax issues to improve tax administrations and inform tax policy formulation and implementation in Africa.
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Base Erosion and Profit shifting (BEPS)
ATAF members conducted a consultative conference on the New Rules of the global Tax agenda in March 2014. At this conference, members mandated ATAF to commence work on establish a technical team that would look at the various BEPS issues as well as develop mechanism to which African countries could use to input the BEPS process. The Secretariat has formed a technical committee whose work will focus on advising ATAF members of African base erosion, inputting the perspective of African countries at the OECD and facilitating trainings and write ups on new developments in the tax arena.
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Transfer Pricing (TP)
The African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) has noted since inception the urgent need to develop the capacity of member countries in the area of transfer pricing (TP).
For ATAF member countries whose tax bases remain narrow, the opportunity to detect and audit cases that present transfer pricing is great. The technicality and difficulty of auditing a multinational firm coupled with resources and underdeveloped staff has seen a number of administrations unable to resolve cases or understand fully the impacts of transfer pricing.
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Exchange of Information (EOI)
The process of exchange of information generally deals with the exchange of specific taxpayer information as well as information from any other person that may possess such information. Revenue Administrations maintain taxpayer information and have the necessary legislative powers to collect information from the taxpayer or any other person.
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