ATAF WORKSHOP ON TRANSFER PRICING REGIMES IN AFRICAThe African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) together with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) are proud to bring African countries the ATAF Workshop on Transfer Pricing Regimes in Africa. This is the second of three interactive workshops that will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 20 - 22 July 2016As you may recall, the ATAF Cross Border Taxation (CBT) Technical Committee (TC) through their participation in the BEPS Project succeeded in placing African transfer pricing concerns on the agenda. To this end, significant revisions have been made to the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines based on the inputs, both verbal and written, provided to the BEPS project by ATAF.  The Technical Committee will present these changes to participants and discussions will follow on the implications of these changes for African countries.The workshop is open to member tax administrations of ATAF as well as Ministries of Finance of ATAF member countries.1.    WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND?Key Ministry of Finance and Revenue Authority officials from the continent will be on hand to share experiences.The workshop is of a practical nature with break–out sessions to look in-depth at transfer pricing risk mitigation through the presentation of the ATAF Risk Assessment Tool.Technical experts from the ATAF Cross Border Taxation (CBT) Technical Committee will be on hand to discuss inputs to the OECD / BEPS Project.Sensitization to the post-BEPS environment and ATAF's work on the BEPS Project.Discussion on policy shifts in African countries to ensure legislation is strengthened against aggressive tax planning.2.    INFORMATION ON THE WORKSHOP (FAQ)Ministries of Finance and Tax Administrations planning to attend this workshop should take note of the following aspects before participating.Who should participate in this workshop?Changes to domestic rules will require consideration by both a country's Ministry of Finance and Tax Administration. It is therefore very important that the appropriate Ministry of Finance and Tax Administration officials attend the workshop. The workshop is designed for senior officials responsible for drafting of the tax legislation relating to these issues.  How many participants can attend?Places are limited and demand is expected to be high therefore countries will be limited to nominating a maximum of six participants, who can be either from the Ministry of Finance or the Tax Administration.Will there be a follow up to this workshop?Yes, if participants think this would be useful a further workshop will be held to discuss the progress members are making in addressing the issues and to provide further opportunities to discuss the challenges they are still facing. If there is demand for a follow up workshop this will be held in early 2017.   3.    DOWNLOAD BRIEFING DOCUMENT BRIEFING NOTE.pdf  DOCUMENT D'INFORMATION.pdf 4.    DOWNLOAD THE AGENDA AGENDA (Draft).pdf  ORDRE DU JOUR.pdf 5.    DOWNLOAD THE LOGISTICAL INFORMATIONLOGISITCAL NOTE.pdf NOTE LOGISTIQUE.pdfThe Workshop will take place at the Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill Hotel Delegates are requested to make their bookings directly with the hotel. ATAF and KRA will not make bookings on behalf of delegates.Register Here